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 Sicily Deluxe Experience!

Palermo Excursions - Tour of Sicily are the go-to source for Exclusive Private Deluxe Tours of Sicily and all  its Islands.


We are an Italy Inbound Deluxe Tour Operator. We deliver Private Deluxe Travel Arrangements, focused on Customized Services for the Exclusive and Discerning Traveler.


If you are searching for a Private Deluxe Tour you have come to the right place: we will exceed your expectations in every way as we cater to Exclusive Clients from the USA, Australia, Canada, Asia, and a few other selected countries.


With a clientele ranging from corporate and political figures to happy families, we have had the privilege of assembling our best resources to make their holiday remarkable and happy. We are now in happy receipt of some of their heartfelt praises and wishes in our testimonials which are shown on Tripadvisor.

Awaiting for you in Sicily!

Valeria Gulotta, President

8 continuous years certificate of excellence

30 years in the Travel Industry



There are dozens of varieties of truffles in the world, but Italy’s truffle is one of the most elusive and most delicious. It’s found only from September to December and in just the right conditions, growing on the roots of trees under layers of damp leaves. Find your truffle and use it at lunch on the top of the risotto ...


Ricotta is much loved by us and we like to eat it very fresh. It is an essential ingredient, eaten on its own or used in cooking, both in savoury and sweet dishes. Cannoli, Cassata, Cassatelle, Ravioli .... we use a lot of ricotta cheese. So too, we are very fond of any locally made cheese.


Discover the joys of the Sicily table as you learn the secrets of Sicilian cooking from our generous local amici. Celebrate fresh seasonal ingredients prepared with passion, yet minimal manipulation. Slow down and let food be the focal point of the day. And savor this journey that nurtures both body and spirit.


You'll encounter their cultural legacy everywhere you go. Castles, Palaces and Piazzas all reflect the heritage of the aristocracy and its political arm, the peerage. Like the Romans and Byzantines before them, Sicily's Saracens (Arabs) had an aristocracy, and while Sicily itself eventually became an emirate, the Arabs had nothing similar to the feudal system. Imagine to have a special dinner in a Palace or listen classic music by the owner ... we can do it!


What better way to immerse yourself in a new region of the world than to delve into the local foods and culinary traditions that make a country or culture unique. With us you'll tap into your inner foodie on culinary-focused adventures in such savory destinations as Sicily!
Ravioli, lasagne, tagliatelle, maccheroni, busiate are all style of pasta that you have to try, with us, while in Sicily!


Wine. It can be as simple as choosing between red or white, or it can be a passionately debated topic that carries a discussion through an entire evening and beyond. Winemaking and its seductive artifact are part agriculture, part history, part culture, part history and an undeniable delight for the senses--all in one beautiful bottle to drink while in Sicily!


The enchanting Sicilian Mountains become a natural and charming open air stage for music and cultural events of great prestige, such as the hight altitude concerts.

An incredible experience boarn from the fusion of nature, art and music that combines the passion for music with the love for hiking.

Listening to music surrounded  by these extraordinary natural settings transform these concerts into unforgettable memories and experiences. 


This intimate luxury cruise is available to pre consituted goups and couples. Grab your best friends and experience an unforgettable yachting week in Sicily and its archipelagos. Our sailing experience is recommended for private and business groups, companies looking for the perfect team bulding holiday, and families and friends looking for a dream holiday away from the crowd.


A sky tour to visit of the most interesting Sicilian sites from the sky, for an unforgettable experience to the Etna craters, Stromboli lava flow or the amazing Greek Roman Theatre in Taormina. We provide organized tours for exciting exploration and soft landing in the most interesting Sicilian sites. 



If you’re a foodie, love wine and appreciate history, this is the tour for you!

Indulge your taste buds with the local culinary scene. 
Experience the passion and history of Sicily Wine Country.

Discover the rich culture and history of the wine and gastronomy country through your local sicilian tour-guide.


Exploring the Island and the Peoples of Sicily home to Normans, Greeks, Arabs, Germans and Jews. The island was for centuries a crossroads of cultures and faiths. With us, visit the most important highlights, great landscape, meet locals and taste genuine organic dishes and enjoy great experiences and ... more.


It's a land of legends and natural beauty. Of ancient architecture and extraordinary history and cuisine. A place that feels both instantly accessible and adventurously off the beaten path. Hike volcanoes, swim in the canyons, bike on the salt-way-road, view artistic and architectural monuments from every century.


Everything about this tour was beyond my expectations! Our driver Michael was the best: thoughtful, organized, courteous and most pleasant. The vehicle was very spacious and the views were fabulous even in the rear seats. A beautiful Sicilian medieval town in Erice, then breathtaking views of the Norman castle and delightful walks through the old village..... 

John Sanders



Choose from more than 100 unforgettable adventures and experiences for Couples, Friends and Families.


We are at your disposal to design Deluxe Tours for you!

Be in touch with us and one of our Travel Expert will be pleased to customize the tour which fits your needs and expectations.




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