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Travel This Season post-COVID

We understand that the decision to travel is a personal one. What matters most is that you feel comfortable, and there are many factors that determine that. Some are within our control and some aren’t, but we believe the PalermoExcursions - Tour of Sicily style of travel is particularly well-suited to these unusual times. Of course, whether you’re traveling the world or sheltering in place, life is never completely risk free, which is why only you can decide what’s right for you. Below you’ll see the extra precautions we’re taking to help you decide when you’re ready to travel again.

What to Know Before You Go

As destinations around the world begin to welcome travelers once again, local authorities are doing what they can to reopen responsibly. Certain states and countries have instituted new measures like testing requirements or specific restrictions on travel. We're keeping a close eye on regulations that will affect our departures this year, both on domestic trips and abroad. See our page here for more information.  

Support and Prepared Trip Leaders 

Our offices are staffed for emergencies, and we'll be there to provide support for you and our field team when needed. Our Trip Leaders, will have a protocol to follow in case of any health issues. A new training program for our Trip Leaders will set them up to support you as we travel in these unusual times. They'll be proactive communicators and prepared to manage logistics around any adjustments needed during your trip.  

Arriving Healthy

On day one of your Tour of Sicily trip, all guests will have their temperature taken by a our Trip Leader. Please understand that a reading of >100 degrees will mean we are unable to welcome you on the trip.  

Face Coverings

We’re recommending that all guests bring their preferred face coverings, whether they're stylish patterned buffs, face masks or simple bandanas. We’ll have a small supply on hand if you forget. We'll make every effort to have hand sanitizer available, but it’s always a good idea to bring your own.  


More Shuttles and Space to Spread Out

As the leader in active and adventure travel, we’ve always run our trips with multiple vans, allowing us to be in more places at once. We’ll be going further this year, making changes to ensure that you have space to stretch out when taking a lift in the van and the flexibility to do what you want every day. And when appropriate, we’ll use even more shuttles to give hikers extra flexibility to start and end with more space between travelers.  

Private Tour

No bus tours here: our trips have always been small, offering plenty of opportunities to socialize without being squeezed together. In 2020 we expect our average group size to be around 10. We've reduced our maximum group size so that no trip will exceed 16 guests. 

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