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Solo Travellers in Sicily: travel tips and destinations!

While the world has been on lockdown, travelers have been dreaming of their future adventures ... but the future of travel is very uncertain as we wade through the current health crisis afflicting the entire planet. Which are my thoughts on travelling solo in Sicily after COVID-19?

Many things in our lives have changed over the last few months, but one thing never will: our travel wishes are often influenced by our emotions. And after having gone through very emotional and uncertain times, traveling, whether close to home or further away, will still be a means to get away. It will be a chance to reconnect with ourselves, with a renewed eagerness to see what’s out there.

Why Travelling solo? Maybe all your friends are strapped for cash and unable to join you on vacation; maybe you prefer planning a trip without having to accommodate anyone else’s input; maybe you want your own Eat, Pray, Love experience and hope to take a journey where you’ll discover just as much about yourself as you will about the world.

Whatever your reasons, traveling solo can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences. The benefits of traveling solo range from the freedom to fully indulge your every whim to a sense of empowerment to opportunities for reflection, self-discovery, and new friendships.

Imagine connecting with your perfect travelling companion: one who shares your taste in hotels, food, sightseeing and nightlife, with the same travel wish list and spirit of adventure. Or not, depending on your mood!

Let me tell you a secret: “The perfect companion is yourself”

How to travel alone for the first time Planning a solo trip can be tricky, but why should that stop you from seeing the island of Sicily? Check out our top tips for travelling alone around our island!

  • Pick a focus of your trip What is your favourite thing to do when you are abroad? Is it exploring bakeries? Drinking wine? Rock climbing or water sports? Whatever it is that you love doing, find an itinerary that focuses on something you enjoy doing and let it become the theme of your time away from home. This is a unique way to discover a new place and create memories when travelling alone!

  • Be a traveller and not a tourist You’ve probably heard this statement many times and wondered what it means. In essence, it means losing yourself in a new place. Start by ditching your camera, guidebook and Google Maps and wander like you’ve never wandered before. Instead of scouring the Internet for answers, walk up to the locals and ask them - yes, even if there is a language barrier! The crux of being a traveller over a tourist is to experience challenges and to embrace them. Something which is easier to do when you travel alone.

  • Join group activities There’s nothing to stop you from doing this when visiting a new country, especially if you are travelling alone! If you’re an avid hiker or dancer, why not spend your trip doing just that? The digital age has made it easy to connect with others and gather information on meet ups happening around the world. Solo travel groups with activities that interest you are a great way to meet locals and make new friends! Ask us and we will be glad to share with you hike details (which are especially organized during the week-ends) or locations to dance salsa or tango!

  • The benefits of solo travel tours The advantage of travelling alone is you build connections! Solo travellers get out of their comfort zone much quicker and find themselves interacting with locals sooner.

  • You learn to enjoy your own company Travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely. One of the greatest lessons a human being can learn during their time in this world is learning to enjoy their own company. Travelling alone is the perfect time to learn to enjoy your own company and invest time in having a relationship with yourself.

A Guide to Budget Solo Travel – How to Cut Costs when Travelling Solo

A companion on any trip is likely to offer you a sigh of relief by sharing the cost. What if you are planning to go on a tour all by yourself? You need not be down in the dumps if you are planning to embark on a journey alone and concerned about managing your expenses. The indispensable strategies mentioned here for budget solo travel will enable you to save on your trip.

Transportation: travelling solo means you get to choose your ride. You can always choose to walk and explore a city or make use of public transportation.

Meal Plans: the best thing to explore in other countries? – Street Food! Sicily have street food or people selling snacks from a cart or just walk at the open air markets in Palermo also during the night to have grilled meals at a few euros. These are usually very affordable and have a distinct tastiness that only street food can provide. Then, in Sicily you can eat whatever you want and if you do not have a good budget, skip restaurants and eat local foods!

Save Money on the Tour: you can opt for walking tours in places like Palermo, Catania, Taormina and Syracusa which are not so expensive and get an idea of what are the different things you can see or do before deciding where to spend your money. And if you are on budget, take our Regular Multilingual Day Tours from Palermo and Taormina to visit important local highlights. Budget travel does not mean not spending at all, but spending wisely and choosing where you would cut back and where you would splurge.

TOP Best Places in Sicily for Solo-Travellers: https://it.palermoexcursions.com/post/sicily-sights-to-see-things-to-do

Ciao for now and write me in case you wish extra recommendations!



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